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The Charismatic Highland breed is no doubt the most eye catching and attractive and Britain’s oldest native breed.

They are believed to have originated in the Western Isles and Highlands of Scotland, and form part of our national heritage. Today they can be found in all five continents around the world.


Traditionally considered to have been black. Colours now recognised include black, brindle, dun, red, yellow and white and parti. The majority are of red and yellow colouring.

Hardness & Vigour

Highlanders are not just handsome beasts; their greatest assets are their hardness and vigour. They have the ability to thrive on the roughest land and the coldest and wettest climates, eating fodder that other breeds would not touch. Preferring to be out wintered, they have a unique double coat, designed to protect the beasts from the wet as well as the cold.


Generally docile, but should never be underestimated. Care should be taken when approaching a cow that has newly calved. Bulls are generally good natured.


Renown for their longevity. Cows are excellent mothers, caring for their calf and produce upto 15 calves in an 18-20 year period. The gestation period is 9 months and calves are weaned from their mothers at nine months to allow the cow to get back into condition intime for the arrival of her next calf. Due to the breed being slow maturing, a heifer will not normally have it’s first calf until the age of four years.

Beef Highland Cattle are renown for producing the finest flavoured beef, lean and firm, well marbled and low in fat content and cholesterol levels.. They produce an environmentally friendly way to produce beef, by foraging areas that other breed’s would not touch and at the same time preserving the landscape.

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More information can be found at www.highlandcattlesociety.com


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